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The full reference section to accompany my book Awareness Daze (Sandstone Press)

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Chase’s Calendar of Events (annual editions), Rowman and Littlefield
Days Of The Year
National Day Calendar
National Today
Awareness days
There Is A Day For That
Ernie’s Blog



17 November, Accession Day, The Tudor Society
National Raisin Day, National Day Calendar
‘Health Awareness Days: Sufficient Evidence to Support the Craze?’, Purtle and Romain, American Journal of Public Health
‘The Devastating Truth About National Avocado Day’, James Hamblin, The Atlantic
‘Meet The Guy Who Totally Makes Up The Fake Holidays We Celebrate’, Brad Tuttle,
‘Turkmen leader to rename calendar’, BBC
Holidays devised by Thomas and Ruth Roy


Films for Change
Dry January
Love Your Liver
Braille: Grade One tutorial, with Angela, aka ‘Visually Impaired Designer’
World Braille Day, Braille Works
Big Garden Birdwatch
‘What Is The Red List For Birds?’, RSPB
Parakeets in Country Life: Curious Questions: Are parakeets a treasure or a curse?
National Bobblehead Hall Of Fame and Museum
Paget’s Association
Dr. Curtis Ebbesmeyer’s newsletter, Beachcombers Alert!
Beachcombing (British Coastline) Facebook Group
Lego Lost At Sea
The Half Man Half Biscuit Lyrics Project
Happy International Inappropriate Use of Awareness Days’, Brilliant Social Media, Medium

World Logic Day talk by Professor Moshe Vardi
Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust
Book banning: US independent journalist Judd Legum reports extensively on book banning and other attacks on free expression in his newsletter, Popular Information
Modern slavery: Hope For Justice
P is for Phonotactics | An A-Z of ELT
Leprosy: Discriminatory laws around the world
‘Health Campaigners Call For An End To The Use Of The Word Leper’, The



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